Toonvox Animation Workshops

toonvox animation workshopsToonvox Animation Workshops

As the co-founder of ToonVox Entertainment, Jonathan can’t believe he and Brad didn’t start this business sooner!  Collaborating on creative projects, both commercial and animated, is ToonVox’s forte.  Whether it’s a voiceover workshop or a creative project, join us in studio!

His animated voice credits include over 50 series and multiple video game projects including Inuyasha, D.I.C.E., Dragonball Z, Zeta Gundam and playing Obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Video Game.

He has directed for stage, screen & studio.  Having the experience on both sides of the glass has provided Jonathan with a well-rounded directing style that combines a focused artistic vision with a relaxed and positive creative vibe.  Understanding what the project requires and what the actor needs to get there is one of the strengths he brings to every project and/or workshop.  Developing voice talent to draw more attention to the exceptional talent in this marketplace is a passion he and Brad share.