Love TV?Let Jonathan Love tell your viewers what to watch!


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Love Commercials?

Casual | Energetic | Versatile… JLove has given some award-winning performances – in under a minute. Listen up!

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Love Cartoons?

Jonathan is quite a character.  Actually, quite a few characters!

Wanna hear something a little more animated?  Check out JLove’s Cartoon and Video Game VO.

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Love Stories?

Show your target audience a little Love.  Jonathan has voice that can spellbind an audience spinning a yarn or connect ‘on the level‘ when relating information.  Let his voice be the ambassador for your product or service.
Here are some Industrial Narration Samples…

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Love VO?

Apps | Video Games | E-learning | Web Tutorials | Podcasts
Jonathan is known as a gracious host.  So, for your voice-over requirements, as Lennon & McCartney emphatically declared… Love is all you need.

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